ࡱ> q` bjbjqPqP 8H::8tH4g& $hV#cg##΂i(i(i(#i(#i(i(.z,S| mp|c%`}@0~8&BSS@Y:i( !D(d####D   Profile GIS Analyst, Human Resources Manager and Administrator with experience in project management, and technical support. Self-starter professional capable of working under pressure. Team management philosophy. Language: English and Spanish. Computer literate: Windows Operating System, MS Office Professional, Corel Office 2000, ArcInfo/ArcView, ArcIMS, QuickBooks Pro. Knowledge of Puerto Rico geography, environmental and planning dynamics, laws and regulations. Professional Experience GIS and Environmental Document Editing Consultant San Juan, PR 2005 - present Preparing layouts (hardcopies and digital formats) and performing physiographic evaluations using ArcView 3.2a and ArcGIS 8.3/9.1, necessary for environmental and planning consulting tasks. Environmental documents editing. Gather census data and prepare charts for Social and Economic analysis. Overlap layers in different map projections, including Cad drawings, and georeference aerial photos. Validate GIS data vs. official sources. Soluciones Geogrficas, Inc. San Juan, PR 2003 - 2005 (Geographic Information Systems GIS Consulting Group) Project Manager / GIS Analyst (Oficina del Plan de Aguas) Developing and implementing tasks to assist the project needs of GIS analysis. Progress reports preparation and presentation. Project Manager / GIS Analyst (DRNA Project) Develop a GIS database of the sites under the agency jurisdiction. Progress reports preparation and presentation. Project Manager / GIS Analyst (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquea Project) Develop a GIS database of the agency archeological and historical sites inventory. Progress reports preparation and presentation. GIS Analyst (Molinos de Puerto Rico) Gathering Puerto Ricos bakeries locations through GPS interface. Puerto Rico Planning Board San Juan, PR 2002 - 2003 (Information Systems Program, GIS Sub-Program) Geographic Database Analyst Assist in the development and achievement of the Sub-Program tasks. Provided GIS support to PR Planning Board Members, technical staff and visitors. Update and optimize the agency GIS database. Develop an internet-based mapping system using ArcIMS 4.0 software. Instruct the agency technical staff on the use of the ArcIMS system. Design cartographic illustrations using ArcView GIS 3.2a and ArcGIS 8.2 software. Progress reports preparation and presentation. Servicios Cientficos y Tcnicos, Inc. San Juan, PR 1995 - 2002 (Environmental and Planning Consulting Group) GIS Analyst Prepare environmental documents figures using ArcView 3.2a and ArcGIS 8.2. Create GIS database of the entity. Aerial photograph georeferencing. Overlap layers in different map projections, including Cad drawings. Acquire and locate Global Positioning System points. Physiographic conditions analysis for potential land use proposals. Validate GIS data vs. official sources. Environmental documents editing. Administrator and Human Resources Manager Prepare trimestrial income tax (Forms 941-PR, 499R-1B and Unemployment and Incapacity Insurance), insurance policies, Corporation Annually Report (WR-25A), Social Security-Medicare annually forms, income tax reports (W-3PR, 499R-2/W2PR, 499R-3, 480.6AB, 480.5), and bi-weekly payroll. Handle collection of invoices. Made accounting entries, bank reconciliation and labor licenses (sickness, vacation, maternity leave, etc.) through Quicken and Quick Books Pro. Assisting the director in the matters of human resources management. Education University of Puerto Rico Ro Piedras Campus July, 1998 Bachelor Degree in Arts, Major in Business Administration and Human Resources Management Seminars & Trainings Geographic Information Systems Oracle 9iAS Portal: Build Corporate Portals: Oracle Official Curriculum orcl-034. (May 21-23, 2003). SDT Advanced Trainings. San Juan, PR. Training. Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET: Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC-2373). (May 5-9, 2003). SDT Advanced Trainings. San Juan, PR. Training. Geographic Information System, PLAN 6020. (August-December, 2002-). Graduate Planning School, University of PR. Ro Piedras, PR. Lecturer, Aurelio Castro. Course. Migrating from ArcView 3.x to ArcView 8. (December 2, 2002). Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). ESRI Virtual Campus. Redlands, California. Course. Taller de Metadata: FGDC y Puerto Rico. (November 25-27, 2002). Oficina de Gerencia y Presupuesto (OGP). San Juan, PR. Lecturer, Diego Pedreros: US Geological Survey. Training. Advance Geographic Information Science Training. (July 15-16, 2002). Servicios Cientficos y Tcnicos, Inc. San Juan, PR. Lecturer: Mariela Soto, MA & GIS Certified by Arizona State University. Training. ESRI International User Conference. (July 8-12, 2002). San Diego Convention Center. San Diego, CA. Business Administration & Human Resources Management Seminario sobre Nuevas Regulaciones Aplicables a la Preparacin de Nminas. (October 3, 2002). Condado Plaza Hotel. San Juan, PR. Lecturer: Amadis Riutort, Training Resources Associates.     Shereeza Rosado Ros 130 Winston Churchill Avenue, PMB 228 San Juan, PR 00926 Phone: 787-438-9810 Fax: 787-687-7884 E-mail shereezarosado@gmail.com ->Qfi|~s t y ƴtf]T]KBhI/hDPCJhI/hnCJhI/h+CJhI/hp CJhCJOJQJ^JaJh CJOJQJ^JaJ#hQh:_25CJOJQJ^JaJht5CJOJQJ^JaJ hQhp CJOJQJ^JaJ#hQhp 5CJOJQJ^JaJ#hDPhp 5CJOJQJ^JaJ%hSGhB*CJOJQJaJph333(hSGh5B*CJOJQJaJph333 N  0 x   < t h`hgd $gd  & Fgd/`r & F ^gd0*% & F ^gd8 $gdgdgd+  w^gd<$a$gdDP    # 2 : ? ʱq_PAPqP2qh+5CJOJQJ^JaJh(5CJOJQJ^JaJhL85CJOJQJ^JaJ#h8h f5CJOJQJ^JaJ#hh5CJOJQJ^JaJ0hKhK5B*CJOJQJaJmH ph333sH (hSGh5B*CJOJQJaJph3330hSGh5B*CJOJQJaJmH ph333sH (hHh+5B* CJOJQJaJph`hI/hp 5B* CJph`hI/hDPCJhI/h8CJ? 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